WWF IN YOUR HOUSE V AIRED: December 17, 1995

If you've ever though about buying the PAL converted videos that come with the original cases JUST to have a copy…don't. They're absolute garbage. The quality on my version of In Your House V blows, and it's a Silver Version converted so it works in the US and Canada.

The Hart family is having issues! (Surprise, surprise…) The British Bulldog is the number one contender and tonight challenges for Bret Hart's World Title!

Our hosts are Jerry Lawler and Vince McMahon live from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

THE 1-2-3 KID and SID (with Ted DiBiase) vs. RAZOR RAMON and MARTY JANNETTY

Goldust is in the crowd, and feeling himself up. Lawler notes he was applauding for Razor Ramon - kicking off a fairly controversial angle, and handled with much more class than ANY other gay angle we've seen since. Kid and Jannetty start. Kid attacks with kicks. Whip - Jannetty ducks under Kid's legs and connects with an enzuigiri. Jannetty tries a cover, 1, 2, kickout. Lockup. Kid shoves Jannetty - and Jannetty shoves Kid to the canvas. Off the ropes - Jannetty with a shoulderblock. Again he comes off the ropes - a hiptoss from the Kid is blocked, and Jannetty clotheslines him. Cover, 1, 2, kickout. Kid tries to make a tag in his corner, but Jannetty takes him down with a drop toe hold. Jannetty tries dragging him towards his corner - but Kid squirms as far away from Ramon as possible. Jannetty ducks a clothesline and atomic drops Kid. Ramon is tagged in, Kid dives out of the ring and right into Jannetty's arms - who throws him right back! Ramon throws his toothpick at Kid - Kid shoves Ramon - and Ramon hammers Kid. Ducks a clothesline - atomic drop for Kid - Sid is in and clotheslines Ramon. No tag was made but he's staying in. Sid works over Ramon's back with punches. Now he chokes him in the ropes. Tag into the Kid - and he kicks Ramon in the chest. Chop, chop, right, right, and now Sid gets into it. Both guys work him over - tag out to Sid. Sid with lots of punches - but Ramon comes right back with his own. Double clothesline takes both men out. Sid tags in The Kid - and Razor tags Jannetty. Facebuster for Kid. Right, whip, Kid ducks a clothesline, but can't escape a powerslam. 1, 2, Kid kicks out. Whip is reversed - Jannetty to the top rope…an inverted Blockbuster is hit! Cover, 1, 2, Kid has his foot on the rope. Jannetty applies a camel clutch, and Todd Pettengill wants a word with Goldust.

Goldust has nothing but great things to say about the very manly Razor Ramon who's oozing machismo. Goldust wants Todd to deliver something to Razor on his behalf.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Sid and Kid have really done a number on Jannetty, but he's just starting his comeback. He heads to the top after taking out Kid - and gets caught on the way down by Sid with a powerslam. 1, 2, Jannetty kicks out. Scoop slam from Sid - and Sid gets in Razor's face. Razor starts to head in, only to be stopped by the ref. Jannetty rolls up Sid…and The Kid breaks it up. Tag in to Kid. Slam from The Kid - and he heads to the top. Froggy splash, 1, 2, Jannetty kicks out! Sid is tagged in. Whip - Jannetty meets a big boot. Razor rushes over and beats on Kid, but the ref chases him away quickly enough allowing a double team on Jannetty. Sid whips Jannetty - and Kid runs after him with a flying body attack! Jannetty staggers out of the corner and right into a huge Sid clothesline. Sid puts on a rear chinlock. Jannetty fights out and to his feet, but Sid just powers him back down. Kid is tagged in again. Off the ropes - legdrop. Tag to Sid. Kick to the midsection, right, tag back to Kid. Kid heads up - double axehandle. Whip - Kid rushes over with a buttsplash but Jannetty sidesteps and Kid hits the corner. Sid is tagged…and so is Razor! Razor ducks a clothesline, and three punches takes down Sid! Kid is over and Razor takes him out. Whip of Kid into Sid…followed by a fallaway slam! Kid rolls out. Razor grabs Sid for the Razor's Edge - but Sid backdrops him. Off the ropes - the legdrop misses! Razor with a whip, which is reversed - Sid charges and meets Razor's boot in the mouth. Razor to the middle rope…bulldog! 1, 2, 3!

Time: 12:23

Razor grabs The Kid right away and tries to give him the Razor's Edge - but Sid pulls Kid out of the ring, and both head to the back. Razor and Jannetty pose. Meanwhile, Goldust is fanning himself because he's all hot and bothered.

Jerry Lawler has a big surprise apparently and takes over the ring. He says since Santa Claus won't be visiting any of THESE people this year, he has a very special surprise for us instead. Jeff Jarrett is here. Jarrett declares himself great - and Lawler has a present for him. In commemoration of selling 500,000 albums (yeah, okay…) Lawler presents him with a gold CD. Jarrett says the finishing touches are being put on his next album "Greater Than Great" and a new tour will begin. He's also making himself the first entrant in the 1996 Royal Rumble.

Jarrett joins Vince and Jerry on commentary for our next match.


Dean Douglas was supposed to wrestle here - but his back is at 65% he tells us. The doctors wouldn't let him wrestle - but his student Buddy Landell is more than ready. Landell is a parody of Ric Flair, with long white hair, and robe. And of course, Ahmed is Ahmed and he absolutely ruled during his WWF stint, no matter WHAT any other online smarks try to tell you. If he wasn't so injury prone, this guy would have been what Goldberg was to WCW in 1998 - I shit you not. Ahmed gets all up in Dean's area, and Landell attacks from behind. His chops are just stared at. Ahmed is scary. Landell keeps hammering shots and Ahmed never shops glaring. With one hand he gets a chokehold on Landell and places him on the top rope. Landell leaps at him, but is met with a spinebuster. Pearl River Plunge, 1, 2, 3.

Time: 0:41

Dean gets nailed by Ahmed and heads to the back, while Ahmed poses. Lawler wants a word with him. Lawler congratulates Ahmed on his win. Jarrett wasn't impressed by the win though, and he and Lawler yuk it up. They make jokes about his intelligence. Lawler wonders what kind of chances Ahmed would have against him…but Ahmed's had enough. Ahmed tells him if he EVER gets in his face again he's a dead man - and Jarrett whacks him with a sign or something (I couldn't tell…) and they take him out completely with a chair, before sending him into the ringsteps. Ahmed still manages to regain his bearings to chase Jarrett down the aisle and beat him to the back.

Todd Pettengill has Razor Ramon. He delivers the letter from Goldust. Razor throws it away in disgust.

We take a long look at the hog pen at ringside - filled with hogs.

The mysterious special referee for the next match is introduced…and it's Hillbilly Jim! He announces the rules to the match - and looks really excited.

HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY vs. HENRY O. GODWINN (in an Arkansas Hog Pen Match)

Henry has a bucket of slot and throws it at Hunter…nailing a bunch of people at ringside. Oops. No bell is sounded to start the match. Hunter gets the early advantage with a European uppercut, and they trade blows. Whip - Hunter gets backdropped. Hunter rolls to the outside and Hillbilly Jim tells him to get back in. Rake of the eyes from Hunter - but Henry fires back and ties Hunter up in the ropes. Henry grabs a handful of slop and shoves it all over Hunter's face. It's in his mouth as well as all over everything else. Hunter spits it out and beats the hell out of Henry. Boot to the midsection, neckbreaker. Hunter drops a knee and works over Henry. Whip - Hunter connects with the kneelift. They head outside - Henry grabs Hunter in a headlock and drives him face first into the steps! Henry puts Hunter over his shoulder and drags him towards the hog pen. Hunter slips off his shoulders and sends Henry to the guardrail. Henry recovers and tries to send Hunter towards the pen, but it's reversed and Henry flies into the gate. Hunter sets up the Pedigree…but he's backdropped onto the top of the hog pen gate. Hunter stands, and elbowdrops Henry. They head back to the ring - and Hunter is whipped to the corner. Lawler starts with the Jeff Foxworthy jokes that he loves pulling out during Godwinn matches. Henry charges but Hunter gets his foot up and Henry runs into it. Whip from Hunter - he tries the foot first backdrop - but Henry catches him and flapjacks him. Henry whips him to the corner - and Hunter Flair flips over the top to the floor. Henry throws another handful of slop at Hunter as they battle back towards the hog pen. He tries the Slop Drop right on the cement - but Hunter grabs the guardrail and Henry takes a mansized bump right to the floor! Hunter tries to whip Henry towards the pen, but it's reversed and Hunter hits back first. Slop Drop! Hunter stands slowly - Henry charges - he gets backdropped and into the pen.

Time: 9:04

Hunter gets into a shoving match with Hillbilly Jim about something - and gets shoved into the gate. Henry picks him up and gorilla presses him in the slop - then gets the hogs all excited so they run around Hunter. Another slam to emphasize the point. Hunter trips and falls all around the mud and Vince is loving it.

Diesel has a new attitude! After Survivor Series 1995, he snapped and killed Bret with three powerbombs. He is not apologizing about it either, and announces he's back. That same night, Shawn Michaels collapsed. Owen was so vocal about doing it, he challenged Diesel for In Your House. Diesel meanwhile was running over everyone with a new found aggression.

OWEN HART (with Jim Cornette) vs. DIESEL

Diesel cuts off the ring right away, leaving Owen with only a small area to work with. Owen tries to get around him - but it's of no use and he gets shoved back to the corner and takes the Diesel elbows. Diesel tosses him across the ring - picks him up, and whips him across the other way. Great looking sidewalk slam hits. Whip - Owen leapfrogs the charging Diesel and hits some punches. He climbs to the top to hammer more in - but Diesel shoves him away. Clothesline over the top rope to the outside! Owen tries to get away, but Diesel grabs him and throws him right back into the ring again. Pick up by the hair - and Owen is dropped down. Whip - Owen ducks the big boot and comes off the other side with a spinning heel kick! Owen heads to the top - missile dropkick! Owen pulls on Diesel's leg - and yanks it back. Owen continues to work over the leg, and puts it over the middle rope to kick at it. Enzuigiri takes down Diesel - 1, 2, Diesel powers out. Kick to the knee, another, Owen goes for the figure four - but he's shoved off and hits the ringpost shoulder first. Diesel picks him up and drops him on the top turnbuckle. Diesel sets Owen up on the middle rope - rushes and does the Bossman straddle! Whip - big boot! Diesel sets Owen up for the Truckstop…and hits it! Cover with one foot, 1, 2, he steps off. Another Truckstop coming…and Diesel shoves the ref away who's getting in his face, to cause a DQ - before hitting a second!

Time: 4:36

Diesel makes the "I want the belt" motion. THAT is the best match in under 5 minutes I think I've ever seen. And truth be told, any more would have taken away from the effect.

Ted DiBiase's wandered out to ringside. He can't think of a better time of the year than Christmas to remind everyone that they have a price. Savio Vega and Santa Claus are throwing gifts to the crowd. DiBiase wants to buy Vega and Santa Claus. DiBiase immediately takes to insulting Santa Claus. He wonders if Savio believes in Santa. Savio says he certainly does believe in the magic of Santa Claus. "Well if you believe in Santa Claus…believe in this my friend. Ha ha ha ha ha!" And Santa attack Savio! Lawler: "The Million Dollar Man has bought Santa!! Even Santa Claus has a price!" Savio runs after them in the aisle - ripping off the beard to reveal Some Guy.

MABEL (with Mo) vs. THE UNDERTAKER (with Paul Bearer) (in a Casket Match)

Undertaker's still wearing the Phantom Of The Opera style mask which he debuted at the Survivor Series because of his crushed face. Mabel headbutts Taker, but Taker fights back with punches, and chokes Mabel in the corner. Whip - Mabel hits the corner, and Taker avalanche's him. Taker tries another whip - but it's reversed and Taker hits the corner. Out of it he comes, and DDT's Mabel in the middle of the ring. Taker sits up - and Mabel runs him over with a clothesline. Zombie situp #2…and this time he goes into a powerslam. Mabel heads to the middle rope and misses a splash as Taker zombie's up again. Shots to the throat…and Taker goes for a clothesline. It leaves Mabel staggering. Another clothesline…more staggering. Mo catches Taker's leg on the third try - so Taker takes his eyes of Mabel for a moment and winds up on the receiving end of a belly to belly suplex. Legdrop, fans chant "Rest In Peace", big splash…but there's no pinfalls here. Mabel drags Taker to the middle of the ring. Mo pulls Taker to the outside and carries him towards the casket. Taker is rolled in, Mo gets in the ring to put the crown on Mabel's head, Mabel waddles over to close the casket…and he closes it really…really…slowly…giving Taker time to stick his arm up and stop that. Taker gets in. Boot to the midsection, right, right, boot, right, clothesline, clothesline, clothesline takes him down! Chokeslam connects. Taker with a big boot which sends Mabel into the casket…but before he can close it Mo attacks. Mo is Chokeslammed! Taker rolls Mo on top of Mabel…but can't get the lid closed just yet. He reclaims the urn, and slams it shut. And that was that for Mabel and his giant push.

Time: 6:17

Taker, like Diesel earlier, makes the "I want the belt" motion. He and Paul leave the ring.

Backstage, Jim Ross is with Jim Cornette, Diana Hart, and The British Bulldog. Cornette says Bret has been jealous of Bulldog since the first day they met - and tonight he's going down to the man he's NEVER beaten. Diana has complete faith in Davey. Bulldog promises to win the belt tonight, and put it where it rightfully belongs.

Todd Pettengill stands with Bret. Bret promises tonight he's going to prove he's the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

THE BRITISH BULLDOG (with Diana Hart and Jim Cornette) vs. BRET HART

Lawler notes that Bulldog is wearing the same tights he wore in Wembley. They lockup - and pull apart just as fast. Lockup again - and Bulldog shoves Bret back. Lockup - Bulldog gets a headlock into a snapmare, but Bret takes him down with a drop toe hold and applies an armbar. Bulldog fights to his feet - and pulls Bret down by the hair. Bulldog puts on an armbar. They go to lockup, but Bret is quick enough to take Bulldog over with a hiptoss. Lawler: He pulled his hair! Kneedrop on the arm - Bulldog tries to get to his feet, but he's again taken over and Bret goes back to the armbar. Bulldog gets away and shoves Bret off - but Bret comes at him with a crossbody, cover, 1, 2, kickout. Bret to the outside - Bulldog comes over but Bret slides back in - and atomic drops Bulldog! Stomp to the midsection. Bret puts on a hammerlock and works it over on the mat. Bulldog whips Bret into the ropes, and this time gets a knee to the midsection. Bulldog pulls Bret up by the hair and drops him down. Scoop - and Bret is set up in the tree of woe. He stomps at Bret, and accidently knocks down the referee. Bulldog makes sure the ref is okay, to keep from getting DQed. Bulldog nails Bret in the back and snapmares him right into a chinlock. Diana watches on from ringside. Bret gets to his feet - and escapes. Off the ropes - Bret runs right into the awaiting arms of Davey, and takes a Samoan drop! Off the ropes - legdrop! Cover, 1, 2, Bret kicks out. Back to the chinlock. Bret gets up - and taken back down. THIS JUST IN: The Undertaker will face the winner of this match at the Royal Rumble for the belt. Bulldog chokes Bret in the ropes - and Cornette comes over to nail Bret with the tennis racket. Back to the chinlock. Cornette checks the arm. It falls once…twice…but stays up on the third try. Bret fights to his feet and to the corner to order a break. Shoulderblock, shoulderblock, whip is reversed - and Bret hits the turnbuckle sternum first and falls. Bulldog covers, 1, 2, Bret's foot is on the ropes. Whip - backdrop. Cover, 1, 2, Bret kicks out. Bulldog re-applies the chinlock. Bret gets to his feet and tries to shoves Bulldog away by going off the ropes - but Bulldog just drops down, holding on to the headlock and takes Bret down with him. Bret gets up - shoves Bulldog off - but Bulldog comes off the ropes and drops Bret down with the shoulderblock. Bulldgo comes off the ropes - and Bret drops down and launches him with the legs across the ring. Atomic drop, and a right hand drop Davey. Headbutt right to the midsection. Bulldog is bulldogged - cover, 1, 2, Bulldog kicks out. Right, right, whip, reversed - Bret picks him up on the return and spike piledrives him. 1, 2, not enough. Headbutt, whip, fist to the midsection, Russian legsweep. Bret to the middle rope…double axehandle. Bret turns Bulldog over - and sets him up on the top rope. Superplex fails and Bulldog dumps Bret right on the top rope HARD! Bret falls over to the outside. Bulldog clips Bret at the knee, and Bret falls forward into the steps. Bulldog breaks the 10 count and drives Bret spine first into the ring post. Bulldog breaks the 10 again, while Hebner goes to check on Hart. Bulldog sends Bret into the railing, then rolls him in. Headbutt, whip - Bret hits the corner in a bad way! Kick to the face. Bulldog picks Bret up…spike piledriver! 1, 2, no sir! Bulldog picks Bret up in a standing vertical suplex - and covers. 1, 2, kickout. Bulldog picks up Bret over his head - military press slam. Cover, 1, 2, Bret gets a shoulder up. Could we PLEASE stop looking at Diana so much? Scoop slam. Bulldog goes to the top rope - and hits the flying headbutt! Cover, 1, 2, Bret kicks out. Bow an arrow submission applied! Bret somehow wiggles out in one smooth move and puts on the Sharpshooter!!!! Bulldog gets away before it's all the way on though and kicks down Bret. Headlock is applied - Bret shoves him off into the ropes, and Bulldog simply runs into Bret with all his momentum, knocking Bret to the outside and into the railing. Bret climbs back to the apron…and gets knocked back down with a forearm shot. Bulldog tries to suplex Bret back into the ring - but Bret slips off, and hits a German suplex with a bridge!! 1, 2, Bulldog shoulders away. Whip by Bulldog is reversed - and both men clothesline eachother. Bulldog is dumped over the top rope by Bret and Bret flies after him with a crossbody, adding a few punches for good measure! Bret gets back on the apron and tries to leap at Bulldog again - but he's caught and hit with the Running Powerslam on the outside! Bulldog yanks the protective mat away and drags Bret over to the concrete. Bret blocks the suplex attempts and drops Davey crotch first on the guardrail! A clothesline sends him back onto the concrete. Bret rolls Bulldog into the ring, and hits the backbreaker. 1, 2, kickout. Headbutt, whip, Bulldog hits the corner upside down and lands on his head. Ahhhhhhh! He's okay though, and Bret sets him on the top rope. Superplex! Cover, 1, 2, kickout. Bulldog rushes Bret into the ropes - and rolls him up, but Bret rolls through into a cover of his own, 1, 2, Bulldog kicks him off. Whip off the ropes - Bulldog gets backdropped. Right, right, right, whip, reversed - Bulldog charges, and Bret gets his feet up. Bulldog drops. Bret with La Majistral, 1, 2, 3!

Time: 21:08

Diana appears down about not having won this one - but comforts Davey with a kiss on the way out.

Backstage, Todd gets a word with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker. Paul seems excited about Undertaker's shot at Bret at Royal Rumble. He thanks Monsoon for the shot. Suddenly, Diesel shows up and gets in Taker's face, feeling Taker doesn't deserve the shot. "It seems to me people have been dodging me around here lately." "I don't dodge anybody."

Total Matches: 6
Average Match Length: 9:01
Average Match Rating: 1.75 stars
Overall: **

Nothing to see here… The Diesel stuff is far to short to recommend getting the tape for, and the main event, while good is REALLY boring at times. Skip it.