WAKE UP VINCE WRITTEN: November 2, 2002

Remember the good old days Vince?

Your program was #1 with a bullet. It seemed you could do no wrong. The critics could easily be ignored. For the most part, they were nothing more than programmed robots coming from Atlanta - finding fault with all you do. They were parents who were annoyed that their kids were so easily influenced with your "shocking" tactics.

Beating up the boss? Who CAN'T enjoy this one? (Besides bosses.) Guys letting loose and yelling "SUCK IT"? You've got every teenager in the palm of your hands.

Some guy who was burned as a child and left as a hideously deformed monster, who suddenly was capable of driving and drinking 10 years ago despite having a severe speech impediment was fucking a dead corpse? UNIVERSAL! Everyone's been there!

Wake the fuck up Vince. THIS is not the definition of cutting edge. This is stupid. This is insulting to our intelligence.

And the critics who are left? They're not watching Nitro on Monday nights, casually flipping over to RAW. Those critics are gone. All that's left is a crew of WWE fans that chose YOU because you were capable of providing the best entertainment everywhere.

Do you enjoy making everybody feel stupid? Because you'll be really hard pressed to find people who won't wish they can go back, and rally behind WCW, or even ECW. And I'm even MORE ticked because I NEVER chose your program. You FORCED me to watch you or nothing at all.

You have left us without an alternative. When there's crap on the TV, we will NOT switch the channel to another wrestling program and come back. When we're gone, we're gone.

Good wrestling is not the only thing that sells. An interesting storyline will bring them in in droves. Do you really look at yourself in the mirror, Vince, and believe that necrophilia is the answer to your company's woes? You're old and out of touch.

Want a clue? Find something that a couple of guys would REALLY want to fight about. What gets underneath Vince McMahon's skin? What gets under everyone's skin? Find something we CAN identify with. Because the people criticizing your program the most are the people still watching it. Do you REALLY want to tick off the remaining half of your once large audience?

Didn't think so.

Consider this the ramblings of an angry WCW loyalist….or consider this the ramblings of your remaining fanbase.