- Huge thanks to The Cubs Fan who let me watch the World Series instead of Excess. I have a digital TV, and can't record one channel while watching another. He's a life saver. :-)
- I didn't watch Smackdown! either. Aside from the PPV which I watched on Tuesday, I'm about a week removed from wrestling.


Dear lord I have no idea what was in the water last week, but I received a truck load of e-mail. I swear, I've NEVER received more than a couple of letters in response to any one column - but last week was insane.

Let's start with alert reader Greg Pizzo on the Angle turn:

"See man, I told you that Angle was gonna turn. You said it was too early (and it really may be), but I LOVE Angle as heel. This can get back against Rock, Jericho, pick your poison!!"

You're right, I did say it was too early. I'm curious if it's a real turn or a plant. I suppose we'll find out more about this in the weeks to come. But his face card is NOT played out in my opinion and he'll be even more over if he's simply a snitch working for Vince.

Alert reader Joe Garvey with the first of MANY corrections on this topic:

"No kidding it sounded like Creed, what might have tipped you off was the part that flashed on the screen that said "Desire" by Creed."

I honestly missed that. Usually when music videos and stuff are playing I'm busy correcting my spelling and trying to clean up the column in general. Don't I feel like a fool.

In response to my brother saying Shane's spots mean nothing because he's not a wrestler, alert reader Vidyan Ravinthiran had the following to say:

"Your brother's logic is slightly spurious, don't you think?

Shane has used the Shooting Star before, against Angle.

Hayabusa's more known for his Firebird Splashes and Stardust Presses than for his Shooting Stars, although I do have a video clip of him badly, badly screwing one up and nearly paralyzing himself on a previous occasion. It's one of the sickest bumps I've ever seen.


Well, I think the point he was trying to make was this match with Vince is NOT a major deal. This is not a PPV, and he pulled the Shooting Star Press in the middle of the match where it had no reason being there. The fact is Shane is taking away spots from wrestlers who have worked for years to get to where they are, and he's taking the proverbial dump on them. That's the opinion of both myself and my brother.

As for the Stroke thing, I never saw it as a shot on Jeff Jarrett. It's a forward Russian legsweep - or at least has appeared that way to me. I'll watch more closely tonight though and see if I notice a difference. (Assuming Jericho busts one out.)

Jaguar Stryker was the first of several alert readers to let me in on what an Xbox was:

"The X-Box is Microsoft's attempt to enter the world of home videogame consoles. Competing with Nintendo's Gamecube and Sony's Playstation 2. And Yes, they all have Wrestling games coming out, some of which might even kick ass."

Thank you to everyone who let me in. I haven't followed the video game market for a long time. I'll probably wind up getting one of these systems someday when my wallet has more than a 10 spot in it at a time. I suspect it'll be the PS2, only because I know of their reputation.

Alert reader Phil Monte Verde was particularly displeased last week - and let me know why:

"I was really pissed of at Shane and co. while watching RAW, then for some reason I read your report and got pissed again. Stupid me. Well at least you weren't praising them or something."

Well I don't want that. My article is meant to entertain!

"How come the Tag Titles only change hands on free tv?"

To annoy me.

"That Lita, I sure want to strangle her... Storm and Hurricane would have been great Tag Champs. But I guess they have to have some belts available for those damn Dudleyz, not that I dislike them. Oh, and PYSCHOLOGY! Rock-Y2J, I think I wet my pants watching that. They shouldve had Rocky tap out cleanly in the Walls. Of course Stephanie has to be on TV so, blah. I'm glad I taped it though."

Anyway, your feedback is ALWAYS welcome and if you have something to say to either me about the column, OR about wrestling in general that can't be submitted to CRZ as an article, either due to size or whatever else, my e-mail is always open.


Last Thursday Jericho accidently hit Rocky and they lost the tag-team titles to Booker T and Test in what is another meaningless title change. But 'tis the state of affairs these days unfortunately.

At Rebellion, the 2 shook hands. Jericho tells Rocky not to lose another Big One. They get to fighting again!

TONIGHT - Jericho faces Rocky in a big return match from PPV. Kurt Angle takes on The Undertaker. Edge puts his IC Title up for grabs against Test. (Ooooh, I have a BAD feeling about that one.)

But first, what would the WWF be without being joined by Vince McMahon! Since I didn't watch Smackdown! I may be a little more lenient tonight towards the McMahon's, so don't blow it. Vince expects Jericho and Rocky to beat the hell out of eachother as long as they get along when it's all over. Tonight he wants to make a major announcement. It'll make WWF history. Angle jumped to the Alliance one week ago - so he can't possibly be an American. THAT makes sense. His announcement is the death knell of the Alliance. Oh please. What, he's going to ref the match at Survivor Series? No, someone from the Alliance is coming to the WWF. It's someone from Team Alliance. Fans want RVD. That individual will join the WWF at the Survivor Series. Hey, a guaranteed main event screwjob - and I get to pay for it! That person is Stone Cold Steve Austin. GIVE ME A BREAK! This is so pointless and retarded. It took you 7 minutes to get me annoyed Vince, good job. Austin comes out and poses with the belt. Steve looks at Vince and tells him to shut up. He has to be Austin, and after a whole lot of repeating what Vince said, he gives Vince a Stunner. Unless Austin joins the WWF at the Survivor Series, what the hell was the point of this segment? Vince lays on the mat smiling goofily.

I'll shut up and let the next segment I deem pointless slide by without a word as long as THIS leads to something.

Now, wrestling please.


I've said it before - but after everything JR's seen over the years, why does ANYTHING continue to shock him?

During the commercial break Alliance members stare down Austin. Uneasiness in the locker room. Hey - that segment IS sort of leading somewhere. I take my reaction earlier back and I will give the next segment that bothers me the benefit of the doubt.

Lita and Ivory are going 1 on 1 for the 9384509230th time. Ivory has won 94% of those matches. Ivory looks really hot tonight. Lita's sporting those hip clothes that my 11 year old brother wears to fit in with the cool kids - only his shirt covers his belly. Hey, he'll be 12 tomorrow - so here's a Happy Birthday shout out. Not that he reads this or anything. Lance Storm makes his way to ringside, because if he can't be wrestling, he may as well show his face. Matt Hardy breaks up his interference, but Ivory wins the match anyway. That Lita, when will she learn she CAN'T beat Ivory!

Austin whines about the Alliance to Debra. Shane McMahon comes into the locker room and doesn't look particularly thrilled. Shane says there's always a shred of truth in everything Vince says - and believes someone's jumping ship at the Survivor Series. Shane thinks he knows who it is, but before he can say anything Kurt Angle comes strolling into the room. Kurt says there's no way Austin's jumping at the Survivor Series. He also wants to make sure Austin has his back against The Undertaker tonight. Austin wonders where Kurt's Austin hat is. Austin then tells him he has Kurt's back.

This is turning out a lot better than I had thought it would at the top of the show.

UGH, I just looked out the window. There should be a law against snow falling before March 1st, and after March 2nd.


I REALLY hope I remember to watch that. If I were a betting man (which I'm not - and with good reason) I'd drop everything I had on The Big Show or HHH. I'd also suspect Stephanie to be voted off first, unless that show is plagued with politics.

Edge and Test are set to go for the Intercontinental Title. I really hope the booking committee remembers the fact that they are PUSHING EDGE which included a clean win over RVD just one week ago. I think I heard that these 2 had a match on Heat not long ago, but was not told if it was any good. Powerbomb is reversed into a sunset flip, Edge gets 2. Tornado DDT(!) from Edge! That gets 2! Test shoves the ref into the ropes and Edge gets knocked off the turnbuckle, and pinned with Test's feet on the ropes. DAMMIT, I *knew* that was going to happen. We have a new champ, yada yada yada.


Oh well, Rocky and Jericho is still to come in the main event - in a match where I don't care who wins so long as they get 20 minutes. That'll have me completely forgetting the last match ever happened.


Christian is by default the greatest European Champion of all time. Mind mannered reporter Shane Helms (I imagine that's his name) comes by and asks Christian how he can call himself the greatest champ of all time without facing Hurricane. Christian tells Helms to tell the Hurricane to watch out.

Rocky comes in with his red, white, and blue Just Bring It. Rocky wants to know why Vince would bring back Steve Austin. Vince says he'd do anything to ensure the survival of the WWF. Rocky says he should bring him back, because The Rock has been waiting.


Christian's on his own, his band of opera singers told me so. He's wearing a Diamondbacks jersey in New York. Hahahaha! He also is a guest on Excess. Hey, I return to recap Excess and Christian hosts. Woohoo!

He wants to know if they like his shirt. He figures since he is a champ, he should dress like a champ. Unlike Mariano Rivera, he's gonna get the job done. Here comes Hurricane. Aren't they both in the Alliance? Hey Christian - kill him quick? Fans chant Let's Go Yankees, I guess no one told them it's over. Give it up - they lost. JR apparently has no stroke in the WWF. Shut up. Hurricane flies with his cape and thankfully does NOT win the title. I really can't handle both guys losing their singles titles in the same night. Unprettier on Helms, goodnight. Whew!

Here's a preview on the Weakest Link.

Regal wants to know who the traitor is. Booker thinks the mole is sitting in this room. Booker accuses RVD. Booker says he was in a limo with McMahon, doesn't think McMahon is so bad, etc. Regal wants them to settle it like men, in the ring. So Booker drew the short straw this week huh?


Feel the heat! She says she doesn't have to worry about Kurt. Kurt almost forgot what a nice lady she can be. They stare at eachother for awhile then Kurt goes off to make Taker tap. I smell HHH ready to come back and kick Kurt's ass.

Taker's out and ready to meet Kurt. Kurt celebrates his Olympic victory or something, and proceeds to get his ass kicked in a very un-Olympic like match. Taker works over Angle's arm. This match IS for the US Title. Taker goes Old School on Kurt. Sure, he can do it in Every Other City no named Ottawa. Angle gets the control of this one back, and works over Taker's leg. Angle eats a Chokeslam. Taker takes forever to get on Kurt, so Kurt puts on an Anglelock. Taker hangs on for all he has and does EVERYTHING to power out, from rolling about to kicking Kurt in the head. Taker finally rolls through and puts it on Kurt. Here comes A RUN IN! It's Austin. ARGH. I realize that there is no way to pick a winner in this one, but that's why you don't book this.

On the plus side, that match kicked 17 types of ass.


Well, forget TV then - I can buy it and see it later.

Moments ago Angle retained his US Title.

Michael Cole wants a word with Kurt Angle. Austin has proved he's loyal to the Alliance. Cole wants Angle to think that's the kind of thing he'd do to remove suspicion at the Survivor Series. Angle actually gets stumped on that one.

It's a 6 person table match. Dudleys and Stacy against APA and Jackie. Jackie beats on D-Von, so D-Von beats on Jackie. See how that works out? Stacy comes in to arouse me. Duds go for the WASSUP but Bradshaw catches him with a fallaway slam. This is a table match though, so these moves mean nothing without some wood. Bradshaw gets powerbombed, but Faarooq moved the table so it's all good. Faarooq spinebusters Bubba through a table right after he almost puts Jackie through. Good sequence, good match!


That's right, put a title on that man!

Rocky and The Coach share a moment. Finally he's come back to Long Island. Jericho has No Idea who he's messing with. No Mercy was only the beginning. Rocky will say it again and again and again that Jericho has No Idea. (And he will) But first, take a whiff of what that man's cooking!

Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo are a tag-team. What? When the heck did THAT happen? It must be a Heat thing.


I got screwed. I had no cash. I will get tickets one way or another. :-)

William Regal joins the commentary booth for this very special match.

Rob Van Dam tells us just who he is. (And that's Rob Van Dam) Booker T comes out and plans on letting his wrestling tell RVD just who HE is. This is a hardcore title match. Regal reminds us that Vince McMahon is a filthy, disgusting swine. Incase the wrestling couldn't keep your attention, here's Tajiri to beat the hell out of Regal. The Big Show now runs in for anyone daring to attack Tajiri, and Chokeslams EVERYTHING in sight! Big Show rules! He picks up Tajiri over his shoulder and carries him to the back. Hah! Regal's mouth looks bloody.

Michael Cole tries to start problems with Jericho by talking about The Rock. Jericho says he was born in Long Island despite being Canadian. He's going to show The Rock he can win The Big One again. Rocky will never EEEEEVVER be the same again.


Before it starts, TSN aired an interview with Booker T today. If I'm up when it next airs which I THINK is 2:00am I'll try to remember to tape it and recap it for Slash.

Here's that video by Creed. The graphic helpfully says so. Thanks graphic!

Let's take another commercial break, just 'cause.


Jericho takes it to Rocky right away. No holding back tonight! Rocky comes back with a huge flying clothesline. Jericho meets a couple of turnbuckles headfirst, but comes back with a flying axehandle. Rocky with a suplex gets the first 2 count of this one. Crowd is COMPLETELY split here. A missle dropkick gets Jericho a 2 count. Rocky tries a Rock Bottom but Jericho elbows away and goes for the Walls Of Jericho. Springboard dropkick sends Rocky out to the floor. JR is too busy talking about Vince McMahon to pay attention to this one. And to think YOU used to criticize Schiavone for the same thing. For shame. Jericho gets caught up top and Rocky connects with a superplex. He drapes an arm and gets 2. JR continues to bash the WCW because of politics. Rocky meanwhile clotheslines Jericho right out of his boots! Jericho sent into the corner and Rocky chops away at the chest of Jericho. Listen to that skin crack! Jericho with a DDT on Rocky, and both men are down. Nick Patrick begins a lengthy ten count. They both get up. Jericho hits a swinging neckbreaker and manages a 2 count on Rocky. Jericho heads up top, big reverse elbow, and again Rocky kicks out at 2. Backbreaker and cover get 2. He tries another cover and again gets 2. Jericho is caught trying to backdrop The Rock, and send down to the mat via the hair. Jericho tries to come with a dropkick but misses and Rocky puts on a Sharpshooter! Jericho manages the ropes. Spinebuster! Rocky sets up the People's Elbow to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos - but mostly cheers. He misses! Rock Bottom from Jericho! 1, 2, Rock kicked out! Jericho tosses Rocky out to the floor, and it's 11:00. Jericho starts to rip apart the announce table. Jericho hits The Breakdown through the table! (Thanks Paul E. for announcing the name of the move) Also, the alert reader who noted that the move was NOT The Stroke, he is correct. It wasn't. Jericho did hook the full nelson. They get back in and Jericho hooks the Walls Of Jericho. Blood pours down the face of Rocky as he tries to crawl to the ropes. Rocky DOES make the ropes! Rocky hits a quick roll up and wins the WCW World Heavyweight Title! Jericho can't believe his luck! What a match! Jericho grabs the belt away from Rocky and looks PISSED. He squares Rocky up and NAILS HIM with the title belt! He goes to get a chair and smacks The Rock in the face! Jericho leaves, and comes back AGAIN! He gets the chair and whacks Rocky in the arm! Wow, wow, wow!

Excellent ending.