Last week I asked if anyone had ever seen a 10 man tag-team match before. Oops, error on my part as I meant a TWENTY man tag team match. Some readers were quick to point out the 10-man tag from February 2000 which yes, I remember. However, I meant 10 vs. 10 and I apologize.

Alert reader Fred Engelking sent the following: "While I am almost sure I've seen more, the ones I definitely can say happened at SS 87 and 88, when the WWF's tag teams competed as 2 groups. 87 Bullodgs, Strike Force, Killer Bees, Young Stallions and Rougeau Brothers vs Hart Foundation, Islanders, Demoliton, Bolsheviks, and The Dream Team. 88 Powers of Pain, Bulldogs, Rockers, Hart Foundation and Young Stallions vs Demolition, Brain Busters, Fabulous Rougeaus, Bolsheviks and Conquistadors."

Alert reader Sam Zimmerman (also dubbed as The Other Zimmerman) added this: "If I'm not mistaken, Survivor Series' first couple of years, the matches were five-man Elimination tags. And I _think_ the first year saw a SurSer-style match with five TAG TEAMS on each side (that'd be a 20-man tag match)..."

Upon checking it out, they're right. I appreciate the help guys.

Sadly no readers sent in why Ron Simmons left WCW years ago. I'm still looking for an answer to that one if you're aware of the circumstances. Was it money? Was it a fed-ex? Was it RACISM?


Give me a break! All week I've been reading that we're going to be having a new announcer for RAW. Is it Al Snow? Dean Malenko? Mike Sanders? Michael Cole and Jim Ross are both play-by-play. It's just kinda bland. I was looking forward to a chance to hear another wrestler give it a try. Anyone who says it didn't get Tazz over in the WWF is kidding themselves. The wrestling was NOT doing it for him. Now he's a superstar. Now I'm not discounting the ECW invasion by any means in playing a large role in his resurgeance, but the announce job DID help. It would be nice to see Al Snow get a chance to become a star. I think Mick Foley's Al Snow jokes hurt Snow an awful lot in terms of fan credibility and a chance for Snow to talk to the fans would be nice.


Molly and Spike are gonna get it on. Good for them. Don't tell me about it. The interaction between Heyman and Spike is great. The fans are eating Spike up. I can't imagine ANYONE else Spike's size getting over as a tough guy the way he has. They've booked him as a sweet, but no crap taking boyfriend. No one else could pull this off! Kane didn't do it nearly a quarter as well as this guy does. The comment about the lyposuction and breast enhancement was a great blunt look at the biz. Hey, Molly's getting assaulted, and TSN isn't cutting it out....yet. Oh, nevermind. Now we get crowd shots and hear a thump and Michael Cole yelling about Molly through a table. I hate Canada. Good segment. The Dudleys haven't fully recovered yet from being stale, but this is a good start, for now. Don't leave them fueding with Spike long though, it's been done about as long as it can go. I guess Spike isn't getting any afterall? He's doing all this on a broken leg. This is the first guy I've heard working through a broken bone since Kane shook off the broken hand 'til Wrestlemania 2000, but even he took time off. Now you know why this guy has made it in the biz!


He's gonna get over as a babyface as he's playing second fiddle to Austin. I always said it would be a mistake to turn this guy, but I'm changing my mind as the time appears right as he's finally respected by the fans. He'll be a heel one day again, and I'll be counting the days 'til that happens, but I'm looking forward to see what he can do as the people's Olympic Champion.


I didn't see that coming! I figured Farooq would take out Palumbo and O'Haire would later beat Bradshaw. I am looking forward to seeing those guys go at it down the line actually. They're both tough, and come off as monsters. As far as this match goes, it wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but you couldn't tell Farooq's knees are as bad as everyone says they are at all!


Now THAT was Raven. I can legitimately see him beating Kurt (he probably won't) after that promo. And Kurt's the #2 guy in the WWF right now. Kurt's response to working ECW rules was gold.


Michael Cole called Storm a nerd? Pot, kettle, black. So this is the followup to the King Of The Ring? I won't say Edge is screwed yet, cause Angle worked the Undertaker at this point last year before getting a World Title shot at SummerSlam. I'll continue waiting on this Edge push. The release German suplex Awesome hit on Edge was REALLY smooth. One of the best I've seen. The Buzzkiller seemed off tonight, but it's probably due to Awesome weighing about 300 pounds. Once he uses it more often it'll be a solid finisher. WWF is 0 for 2.


Hey, Steph mentioned the US Title! So it's not dead. Booker T vs. Jericho later tonight. This I'm looking forward to. I remember they had a series of matches during 98 and 99. Jericho used to throw tantrums about the way Booker T shuffled his feet. I suppose we won't see that tonight. Where's WCW referee Scott Dickenson? Is he still in Jericho's back pocket? Will he referee the main event? Glad to see they haven't forgotten the history with Jericho and Steph.


Once a night is great for Tajiri. As long as they don't over do it. Isn't he afraid though? I mean, Tazz kicked the crap out of him last time he was down there.


I've been reading messages from younger fans at another page lately. They all are convinced the old Stone Cold is going to come out at Invasion and win for the WWF. I miss thinking like that. :-) Now I'm not saying it won't happen. They're planting the seeds well. Steve going through the rejected boyfriend phaze was great. If he had exhibited some of this acting years ago I probably wouldn't have been as harsh on him as I've been, especially over the past 12 months.


I can't stand seeing spots for that... My girlfriend wanted to get me a Christmas present from them. The Rock's book, a HHH jersey, and Kurt Angle's shirt. They sent the jersey, and I got it a month ago. 6 months after Christmas. Their service to Canada sucks.


Regal is by no means likeable. Tazz is by no means likeable. Is Tajiri the babyface in this matchup? Maybe Charles Robinson? Come on, the fans need a reason to celebrate. On the plus side Tazz is facing guys his size. What the hell???? Tajiri's defected? Nevermind! That was cool. I thought they'd been booking on the fly again for a sec. That was a great screwjob. Hey, I guess we have a babyface afterall.


Take note Billy Kidman: THIS is how to get a porno tape over. The King Of Badabing: Best Of Sarah. Heh, even the title sounds legit.


He IS better off as a heel afterall! The fans have been waiting to chant that for weeks. Is Rhyno jealous Booker T is THE World Champion of ECWCW? I'd be. Nice chops from Booker. When did he start using those? Maybe I've never noticed before. You know, Jericho's been screwed an awful lot of times from paying attention to guys on the apron. DOESN'T HE LEARN? I like the fact WCW refs are getting alot of time. They probably need the practice. Michael Cole, that was NOT a powerbomb. Jericho seems alot more comfortable tonight than he's been in some time. Is it because he saw Stephanie? It seems he's at his best when she's around. Holy hell, I thought Hebner was gonna call for the bell! Great way to tease the crowd. Fantastic match! Just as good as Booker vs. Angle last week. Keep the momentum going, Booker's gonna get over! Great job.


I'm watching Saturn and wondering if he even understands what Heyman's telling him. And sure enough, he doesn't. Snausages. Ha! Glad they're cutting down on the number of lines for Saturn, he's MUCH funnier when he's not spewing out stuff every other segment. Michael Cole quickly points out Saturn doesn't know an invasion's going on, blatantly stealing what I just said. I don't care if he's at the booth and this hasn't even been posted yet, it's still theft.


Raven's topless... I don't think I've seen THAT for a long time! Jesus those are stiff shots from Angle. Almost Brian Knobbs like, but not as mindlessly being swung around. Raven tapped? The hell? He doesn't tap! Oh well, the fans *probably* don't know that. The right guy went over, even though I wouldn't have objected to seeing Raven win. I'll reiterate something I said earlier - I can't believe how much the fans are into Angle.


ECW Invasion - Everything old is new again. Not that these teams are boring or untalented. Thank god for that. We show replays of the top of the show, so I get to look at some signs. I just wish we could watch Matt defend the Euro title instead. Oh well, maybe on Smackdown. I like hurricanranas, and that one was fairly smooth. Jeff Hardy starts fighting with Van Dam. Oh please, he's not STILL bitter about 5 years ago is he?


If Farooq ever looked me in the eyes and uttered that line cause I'd pissed him off I'd crap my pants I swear to god.


I'm sorry, her promo sounded Heyman-esque but without the heart of Heyman behind it. I've seen that promo on Beyond The Mat, just before ECW's first PPV. So Heyman immediately redeems the segment by talking circles around her. So we switch over to the WWF lockerroom and they have tables. They're burying ECWCW! They don't get tables! Uhhh, for some reason Bradshaw wants to be knee deep in someone's ass. That was the best promo Undertaker's cut in a long time. CLASSY FREDDIE!!!!! That was unexpected! He didn't really do much, but it's good to see the originator of the Pencil Necked Geek line back. I just finished reviewing the Unreal Story Of Professional Wrestling as well which he played a decent role in. You know what that segment was missing? Bob Backlund!


Terri seems, ahhh, bouncy tonight. Trish has become quite good since her debut. Watch last year's Fully Loaded, when she has trouble dropping an elbow. Glad to see Trish's head hasn't blown up and she's still willing to learn the ropes and train hard. Tough Enough chicks, take note! Just a squash. But alot better than it had any right to be. I worry about Torrie and Stacy - do they know how to wrestle? I know Torrie didn't when I saw her in Toronto a few years ago. I suppose I should STOP worrying, it IS a bra and panties match I know those girls will put on a ***** clinic in the department they're supposed to.


I like the Kane / Undertaker mix. I guess that means they'll be together for awhile. Of course, they'll swerve me on Smackdown and Kane will turn on Taker. Another screwjob, but I guess they had to with the angle they're running. It's a shame it's not the Royal Rumble we're going into. THAT would be interesting. And Austin makes the face turn. Now will he be accepted by his own lockerroom? JR loses his voice. All by himself, he takes out the entire ECWCW crew. Ah, what the hell, the fans love it, who am I to complain? Ouch, that was a cold hearted shot on Freddie... I can't say I approve of that. I guess if Freddie okayed it.


I'd like to offer my condolences to the family of Terry Gordy's family. Odds are they aren't reading this, or will ever read this, but I appreciated the guy's hard work even in his later years. He tried his hardest to give what he could to the business. God bless.