Dear god it doesn't feel like I've been reading CRZ for that long... Since the first week he appeared at Wrestleline, I've been reading this man's work week in and week out. His archives are a godsend in terms of remembering what happened and when. No one works harder. I can actually remember one week when I was in the process of moving into the apartment I live in now and I wouldn't have internet access and didn't have time to read the report before I left. So I printed off the WCW recap and read it that night. That's how much his reports mean to me. Even if I saw the shows, CRZ adds a little extra something. And since I didn't get a column in on time I'm using this area now to thank him. I don't e-mail him or talk to him generally so I this is the best way I could get my point across. When you do hang it all up Chris, be it tomorrow or in 10 years, you won't be forgotten, at least not by the hundreds of people you've inspired.


So I go out with my ex-girlfriend last night, figuring I won't be hurting myself taping the replay and watching it tomorrow... I get in at 10:55 and turn on the last few minutes so I can get a glimpse of whatever main event they're throwing out. And I see THAT? Christ I'm kicking myself for spoiling it and it taught me a valuable lesson in terms of misjudging the WWF.


Does Page go out of his way for lame music? Just use Self High Five until the WWF can produce something better.


THAT is one tough chick! Watching the cane shots she layed in on Shane was much nicer than anything you'll see out of the women of the WWF on a regular basis. No "girly" shots from this girl! If they just keep doing what they're doing, I can see her actually winning the women's title from Chyna if they choose to bring it back and Chyna around for one appearance, neither of which are likely. Time will tell if she can wrestle.


Well, I can't say I blame the WWF for their actions. But did they expect anything less? I can't hold any of Buff's actions against him because it's his nature to act the way he did. Let's just move on and try to remember the positive contributions he brought to wrestling, instead of the negativity? I like to remember him from his days as Scott Steiner's sidekick. *I* thought the skit where he mocked Mark McGwire was funny.


Once a year, the WWF decides to push the Acolytes. I'm happy to see them on top for the first time in 2 years, as I'm assuming this is Ron Simmons' last hurrah before he hangs 'em up. Thinking of which, why isn't he on WCW's side? He is a former World Champion. I never was made aware as to why he ever left WCW, can some helpful reader out there enlighten me?


Alot of people are tired of the number of tag-team title changes. I'm not. There are alot of talented tag-teams and all of them deserve a run. This is a new era of wrestling, and the WWF is as loaded as it's ever been. Like the surge of homeruns in baseball, times change. I'm not saying change 'em every week, but a half dozen to a dozen title changes per year doesn't phaze me as a bad thing. There's no lower tier of tag-team titles so unlike the world title everybody can be on top at one time or another.


So what if he jobbed cleanly to Albert? It's not going to hurt Rhyno in the long run. He's only been in the federation a few months, and he'll have his day in the sun. Plus, he suddenly has 2 other pieces of gold already around his waist, assuming they revisit that part of his career which I'm guessing they will with at least the world title. Bitching about clean finishes anytime does not do my heart good. I'd rather see more.


The Big Show goes over Jeff Hardy. Good! The Big Show is a former world champion who's beaten every big name in the business. (Don't e-mail me telling me differently, you know what I mean!) Jeff Hardy will never be a world champion. Anyone who complains about Big Show going over is suspending their disbelief far past the relm of good taste. He's a big bad man. I'm not comparing talent here, Hardy is clearly much more athletically gifted, and Cruiserweight wrestling is by far my favorite brand of wrestling, no 2 ways about it, but I don't want to see the little guys going over the big guys on a regular basis.


How the heck did Kurt Angle start getting a babyface pop? Some fans will argue a dork will not get over with the crowd, but people forget Spike Dudley, and Norman Smiley? It was surreal to watch Angle vs. Booker T, one of the many matches I've envisioned for a long time. But when push came to shove, the WWF fans are as loyal as they get and the WWF does take notice. Give them time, they'll come through eventually. Vince McMahon is not blind and will do what's right usually before it's too late. Great matchup, great heat! They even used Nick Patrick, and after the reaction in Tacoma, why the heck not? What a pop for Earl!


Come on! Hudson's a very good guy on commentary, but get out the wallet and get Mean Gene stirring up stuff. WWF fans are alot more familiar with Okerlund anyway, and it's clear there's no problems with him as he appeared at Wrestlemania. I needed a good "Torrie Wilson, what were you thinking last week when you exposed Vince McMahon?" while he stares at her chest.


Brilliant interaction between the Dudleys and the Acolytes backstage. Promising to have a beer with the Acolytes at the end of the show was a fantastic setup to what was still to come.


Would someone explain to me how just a week ago Jericho was able to beat both Dudleys single handedly but couldn't get a move in against Storm and Awesome? With all the handicap matches you THINK he'd take advantage of the chance to tag out by now. ;-)


What a moment! When the lockerroom cleared and did their staredown, I can't think of anything else to say! It was a moment that is going to be permanantly etched in my mind for the rest of my life! I had caught the main event unfortunately so it kinda spoiled it because I knew one way or another ECW was getting back together but just watching it.... Wow. And Paul Heyman delivered an emotional promo that got them more over than WCW in one night. Amazing. Simply amazing. I've already seen this show going for $26 on Ebay, so guys who taped copies, get 'em up for sale ASAP cause THIS show is hot!


I had to fast forward this. Maybe someday I'll go back and watch it, but tonight after that, it had no place on the show.


As soon as Vince told the WWF guys to do what they wanted to do and not to listen to Shane, the WWF suddenly looked like the cocky older brother. The one who's been picking on the little brother for so long he can't even see that he's not so little anymore and he's about to get his any day now. The WWF guys are not going to be so full of themselves after a few good asskickings, and with a strategy like that one it's a recipe for disaster.


Has anyone out there ever seen a ten man tag-team match before? If so, please e-mail me tell me when at any other time they've tried to get that many guys in the same ring other than a Battle Royal. The surrealness is simply building.


Dear god does "Chuck" O'Haire look like a monster or what? Even a guy like Bradshaw should be shaking in his boots standing up to him! The ECW arrival to the ring complete with ECW music has my heart pounding like mad. This is insanity. Is wrestling supposed to invoke this kind of emotion? Those guys look like they could take out any damn locker room they wanted to! WCW joining ECW makes sense to me! WCW's current big stars, O'Haire, Palumbo, Kanyon, all of them look like they could go to ECW at any time. The crowd is absolutely silent, but not a bad silent.


Stephanie McMahon? Well, the fans seemed to like the fact she's ECW's owner, but does it not take away from Heyman's speech earlier where he claimed to no longer be a corporate sellout? Hopefully they have plans. Vince's face was priceless, looking old and depressed, and weak. I'll buy it for now.

I think I need a couple of days away from wrestling to re-couperate... Or maybe I'll have to steal my brother's ECW stuff, because for the first time in my life I really need a dose of that!